SALCOMBE’S Neighbourhood Development Group has posted out the second Community Consultation Survey to all homeowners in the town this week.

The survey forms a key part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, and will shape the way that Salcombe develops in the future. It will consist of locally approved planning policies which will be taken into account when there are planning applications or new build proposals in the future.

Neighbourhood planning is a way for communities such as Salcombe to decide the future of the place where they live and work. There is evidence that these plans carry real ‘teeth’ and give local people a voice.

Salcombe’s Town Mayor, Mike Fice, who chairs the Neighbourhood Development Group, said: ‘We are very keen that all homeowners respond to the questionnaire as this 2016 survey is a crucially important part of the NDP process.

‘Once the plan draft is written it will then be further validated by the community, independently inspected to ensure that it complies with all relevant legislation and then submitted to a referendum of all locally registered voters.’

Cllr Fice added: ‘This is Salcombe’s real opportunity to “have your say.”’

The consultation will be open until Sunday, November 20.