Support for the creative community in and around Ivybridge has been boosted with a new classroom at Makers Mews, the “make, share + repair” hub that overlooks the River Erme.

Housed in a 300-year-old barn, Makers Mews is part of the Devon Work Hubs network and aims to empower makers, designers, and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

An open day will be held next week, September 29, to mark the classroom opening, from 8am to 8pm, to find out more about the plans for the community classroom, In the evening food and drink will be served outside around a firepit.

Nadine Dommett is the founder of Makers Mews, after experiencing loneliness and isolation from working alone, and having had previous experience of working in a coworking space.

She said: “The vision for Makers Mews is to provide a creative hub that fuels connection, innovation and environmental responsibility in the creative community of Ivybridge. Consumerism is out of control and the designer maker community feels a huge responsibility not to add to the current take-make-waste model of consumerism that is having a huge impact on both people and planet. We want to promote a more circular approach to designing and making and spearhead positive change within the community. We already encourage the sharing of resources through our weekly visits from the Share Shed, affordable hot desks, flexible studio space, and monthly repair café.”

Nadine said Makers Mews also encourages connection, aiming to prevent loneliness, and reduce the negative impacts on mental health for the creative community in Ivybridge.

She added: “Working alone can be isolating, and trying to create positive change in the world is an uphill battle that can feel impossible. But working towards it with like-minded people can make it less lonely, more fun and it gives us all hope.

The open day is an open invitation for anyone to tour the space, and if interested in working at Makers Mews, running a class or getting help to fix something or simply want to meet other like-minded creatives.

Councillor Rufus Gilbert, of Devon County Council, said: “Makers Mews already provides unique facilities within our Devon Work Hubs network and its classroom is a fantastic new addition. I hope local creative businesses take up this opportunity to use this innovative space and the open day generates the interest it so richly deserves.”

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