With spring almost here many of us are now thinking about decorating and updating. Longer days and warmer evenings get us in the mood for getting on with the home decorating plans we have been considering in the winter months.

This time of year is a good time to replace an old fire or fireplace and there is now a huge range of options and styles.

Select Appliances in Plymstock have a wide range of fires and fireplaces to suit all tastes and budgets.

“ Many of our customers feel overwhelmed by the choice so we try to make the process easy and can take you through the options step by step including the final installation to make the whole process a pleasure and not a chore” explains Karen Bryant one of the owners.

Here are a few of the questions to ask yourself if you are embarking on a project like this.

Gas or Electric?

There are the same choices in terms of colours and styles in both gas and electric fires. Gas fires are cheaper to run and give a greater heat output however an electric fire will give you a focal point with or without heat. So basically the questions is do I need a fire for heat or effect?

Timber, Marble or Limestone?

Micro marble is very popular because of its consistency in colour, however limestone is totally natural and each fireplace is unique. Solid oak is the most popular wood colour mainly due to the fact the solid oak furniture is still the main choice. Fireplace sizes range from the petite 42” widths up to a standard 48” or 54” some even larger. “If you are just looking to replace your fireplace but not your carpets we can have hearths made to carpet cut out sizes so you don’t need to” explains Karen.

“Simple modern lines in wood are very popular at the moment whereas curves and shapes are popular in the micro marble fireplaces” explains Derek. “We also offer a complete installation service and can organise everything including plastering, electrical work and a chimney sweep”

Modern or Contemporary?

This really depends on if the project is a partial or total refurbishment. “ For most of our customers it is a partial refurbishment so it’s a case of deciding to keep they style in keeping with existing décor or furniture or making it more of a classic or modern look to carry through to any future redecoration.” explains Karen. The latest colour for fireplaces is grey with a new range of grey micro marble fireplaces available from Elgin and Hall and a fabulous grey timber finish from Focus Fireplaces. This reflects the trend at the moment for grey and silver and period colours which is a refreshing change to magnolia walls.

Visit Select Appliances in Plymstock for the latest in fire and fireplace designs or take a look at their website www.selectappliances.co.uk