NICKO FRANKS, of Venn, Dartmouth, writes:

Anyone who complains that Dartmouth is a dull place in February needed to be downtown last Friday at 6pm.

Our local MP Sarah Wollaston entered a packed Guildhall and promoted a vigorous question-and-answer session on Brexit – ie whether to leave the EU – or not.

One of her opening remarks was that she sometimes talked to groups of three or four ­people even when a meeting had been pre-advertised.

I’m not good at numbers, but I would guess there were more than 200 people present and there was standing room only.

Ninety minutes later our very own Britannia Royal Naval College big band was blasting out Glenn Miller to a sold-out Flavel.

I think we are very lucky in this town to have such an active MP and such a priceless asset as the BRNC band.

A great evening that was not to be missed.