In response to the letter regarding the approval of the roundhouse at the High Nature Centre, East Portle­mouth, I would like to comment as follows.

I work for High Nature Care Ltd, a community interest company, setting up social outreach opportunities.

This is benefitting a wide range of margin­alised people in both the South Hams and Torbay area –?being one of the most deprived in the country.

Currently we are limited in what we can offer on site due to the lack of shelter, heated spaces, facilities and workshop areas. In particular, in winter, we can only offer activities that keep people warm, like tree planting and other active work. This may suit some but our full range of activities include many crafts, yoga, storytelling, drama and therapeutic work, that need a warm and dry workshop space.

This is invaluable for people who have mental health problems, learning disabilities, young people, children, the elderly, carers (including young carers) and more. We are researching more people who could benefit.

The statement that the building is incongruous for a highly sensitive landscape does not seem to be based on fact.

The roundhouse is of low- impact construction, using predominantly natural materials with a green roof.

I have seen these buildings elsewhere and can only say that they blend into the landscape perfectly and are an example of how buildings can enhance landscapes. If anyone does not like the way it looks, then in fact it will not be visible from the road, houses or viewpoints, it will be sheltered by an existing hedge bank.

I can only think the planning approval was based on these facts and the recognition of local people trying to improve the environment and opportunities within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which should integrate people’s livelihoods and well-being.

Liz Turner

Higher Week, Dartington