LAUREL Lawford is one of the new crop of Liberal Democrat Councillors who have stormed South Hams District Council at the elections on May 3.

She received 628 votes and was the only person elected in her ward.

The Lib Dems now have 19 councillors followed by the Conservatives with seven, the greens with three and Labour with a single seat.

Lib Dem Leader Julian Brazil said he would like to work with the other parties.

Laurel told us a bit about her background:

‘‘I was born in Exeter in 1992. I lived there till I was 10 with my mother and younger sister.

‘‘When I was 10 I moved to East Prawle, where my mum met Julian Brazil (now Leader of South Hams District Council).

‘‘Since then, I’ve been brought up around local politics.

Laurel agrees with the main priority in the local Lib Dem manifesto:

‘‘My main policies are defiantly to focus on more genuinely affordable housing within the South Hams.

‘‘I have learnt first hand how difficult it is to find somewhere to live recently and would love to contribute as much as I can to helping local families stay In the area.’’

Laurel serves Allington & Strete and intends to make sure her local area isn’t overlooked:

‘‘Since becoming a district councillor, I have joined the Slapton Line partnership to push to keep the line for as long as possible!

I have recently had a meeting with Richard Holden a minister, and our local MP (Anthony Mangnall) to discuss the future of the line, and what can be done to protect it.’’

As a relatively young person, did she find it daunting taking her seat at SHDC?

‘‘I have found the newly formed council very welcoming, with a strong mixture of ages and genders.

‘‘I am very excited to see what Julian has in store over the next four years.

It wasn’t always obvious that Laurel would become a local politician as she explains:

‘‘By trade I’m a chef, which I love as I have a passion for food in and out of work.

I love to cook for my family.

I have two beautiful boys, Monty who’s 10 and Percy who’s five.

They both attend Stokenham Primary School, as did I.

Outside of work I love going on adventures, going to the beach, and spending time with my gorgeous family.