A man has reached out to us to publicly thank a couple who have “made my wish come true”.

Steve Grey, Kellaton, has had one thing on his bucket list (a list of things to do before you ‘kick the bucket’) and that was to see the Blackpool Illuminations, and thanks to a couple in Noss Mayo, that dream has become a reality.

Steve’s first job had been to renovate a one-hundred-year-old fairground ride called the Rodeo Switchback, which he went on tour with for three years, to steam rallies and film sets.

“From there a dream was built, the one thing on my bucket list, and the only thing ever to go on my bucket list, and that was to see Blackpool illuminations. It has always been my only wish to do before I die.” Steve explained.

Steve saw an article in the Gazette about two tickets, worth £378, for a Majestic Holiday to the Blackpool Illuminations, with the seller offering them for half price.

“I just had to go for it and take [my son] Aiden with me because with his cancer he can’t go out and do things. I wanted to share my dream trip with Aiden.”?

Steve then rang the number and spoke to Mrs Davies. She explained that her husband is 96 and following a fall he no longer felt up to taking the trip. She told Steve that it had also been her dream to see the Illuminations but it “wasn’t meant to be”, so she was selling the tickets for half price.

Steve said that in order to give Mrs Davies “some sort of peace of mind”, he explained to her that it was his one dream and he was taking his son Aiden who was suffering with cancer.

After chatting, Mrs Davies gave Steve her bank details in order to transfer the money and he hangs up, telling her he will call back to confirm that the transfer had taken place.

“She was so sweet”, Steve continued, “She told me that the trip included a coach there and back, a coach trip each day, plus bed and breakfast and evening meal each day.” but when he went to transfer the money, he noticed that Mrs Davies had given him one number wrong so he called her back to check.

What she said next is what prompted Steve to thank her publicly. He said she told him “Don’t worry about it, I told my husband you where taking your son on holiday who has cancer and we don’t want your money, we want you and your son to go and have a lovely time.”

Taken aback by Mrs Davies’ generosity, Steve said he apologised to her and said: “I didn’t mean to mention my son had cancer, she said ‘I know you didn’t but we want you to go and have a nice time’.

“So I’m saying thank you to Mr and Mrs Davies, to restore peoples faith in human nature.”

Steve has posted his thanks on Facebook, but doesn’t think it is likely that Mr and Mrs Davies would be on the site, so he had found their address and is posting a thank you card to them.

As the phrase goes, ‘faith in humanity restored’.