Residents were given a lesson in life saving last night, with a CPR and defibrillator demonstration.

Attendees of the Kingswear annual parish meeting were welcomed by chairman Cllr Lynne Maurer, who stressed the importance of CPR and defibrillators.

The demonstration was given by Malcolm Matthews, from the Dartmouth Community Defibrillator Fund, who warned that waiting for an ambulance to arrive can be deadly.

He also said that whilst saving the person injured is important, making sure you stay safe yourself, is vital. This involves making sure the area is dry, and that you are not touching the person receiving the shock from the defibrillator.

Cllr Maurer said: “This can happen to young people as well as the elderly and everyone needs to be prepared to act decisively in these circumstances.”

Her care is spawn from her own daughter needing both CPR and defibrillators, which “saved her life”.

According to the British Heart Foundation, performing CPR can more than double survival rates in some cases.

There are defibrillators in Kingswear in the telephone boxes on Raddicombe Drive and Lower Contour Rd.For more information visit the parish council's website: