With its 80th anniversary having just passed on March 24, Laurence Green will be giving an illustrated talk called ‘My Grandfather’s part in The Great Escape’

It will cover both The Great Escape of March 24 1944 and the Long March to escape the Russian ‘liberation’ in January 1945 to honour the 50 Allied airmen murdered by the Gestapo.

The Great Escape was a mass escape from the German prisoner-of-war camp Stalag Luft III which in full in German is Stammlager Luft III, literally "Main Camp III.

It was the basis of The Great Escape, a book by Paul Brickhill describing the escape and The Great Escape, a 1963 film based on the book.

Admission is by donation with the money raised going to St David’s Church and Stalag Luft 3 Museum at Zagan in Poland.

The talk is taking place at 7.30pm at Ashprington Village Hall on Monday May 13.