DJ collaborators ‘KDJ Collective’ return later this month for another night of eclectic music but there are fears it could be their last.

After selling out eight gigs in a row, they had to cancel their next two due to a dip in sales and the future is looking bleak.

They are a non-profit organisation set up by Phil and Bex Robinson, as part of their ongoing initiative ‘A Party for No Particular Reason’.

The members are FunkSoulBrother aka founding father Phil Robinson, Yiuie aka Yiuwin, Leftarm aka Chris Wrighton, Simo, Pepe and Bear.

Founder Phil said: “Once a dance music hinterland, the KDJ Collective have plugged the gap in Kingsbridge offering quality dance music events in a friendly and cool environment.

“We understand that the financial constraints and tightened purses that the majority of us are witnessing is a major factor in why we have seen a sudden drop in ticket sales for our events as we have gone from eight sell out events in a row, to be struggling to reach enough ticket sales to ensure a great atmosphere.

As a direct result, we have suddenly found ourselves in a position where we are questioning wether the time, effort and dedication that goes into organising these non profit events is worthwhile.”

The collective’s website describes them as: “Kingsbridge’s very own DJ collective, playing block-rocking beats at a party for no particular reason near you”

Phil continued: “We believe it would be a real shame if we had to decide to stop putting on these events and truly believe that the events would missed by the large numbers of individuals who have supported us over the last two years.

“Our ticket price for our latest event is only £7.50 per ticket and this is the lowest price that we have ever offered in the hope that we can continue to put these nights on.”

It’s happening at South Hams Brewery & Taphouse in Stokeley Barton at 7.30pm on April 20.

To find out more you can visit their website at: