Pop star Kate Bush is back at the top of the pop charts - but her South Hams clifftop mansion is looking increasingly less stable.

Bush is back in the public eye with her hit single Running Up That Hill featuring in the latest series of the Netflix drama Stranger Things.

Originally from Kent, Bush is understood to have relocated to Devon in 2005 and bought the 200-year-old hideaway near East Portlemouth for £2.5m in search of a quiet life.

A public footpath in front of her home collapsed into the sea in 2014 following a landslide and she was warned her home might be next.

Perched precariously close to the edge of the cliff, a series of landslides mean it’s getting even closer amid warnings from council officials.

Devon County Council said in a statement previously the area around the home was in danger of toppling into the sea.

A spokesperson said: “If you live there you can either accept it and let your house fall into the sea, or you can take action to prevent further damage, although that can cost hundreds of thousands.

“You can attach netting to the cliff face, or another option is spraying it with concrete, although these are very expensive and not something the council would pay for.”

The home is thought to be the main residence for the singer and is believed to have provided her with the inspiration for her 2005 album Aerial.

The isolated property is set in 17 acres and surrounded by rolling countryside.

Kate Bush spent many years campaigning to close a footpath that led around her home, which was eventually granted.

The singer has so far released 25 UK top 40 singles and is one of the UK’s most successful solo female artists.