Julia Wingate is celebrating her 25th year of owning The Trading Post, but it has been around a lot longer than that.

It is a traditional toy shop in the heart of Kingsbridge.

They have been selling toys, models, games, and bicycles since 1969.

Of her quarter century at the help Julia says: “I think it’s quite an achievement to run a business and keep it successful for that length of time.

“We had an in-store party with party bags for all our customers and we had a free raffle with a selection of prizes donated by our key suppliers.

“We had an in-store visit from Freya the Sylvanian Rabbit and Toby the Toymaster Puppy.”

Julia, who has recently been elected Mayor of Kingsbridge described the shop:

‘The Trading Post is a traditional toyshop.

“Our best sellers are Lego, Sylvanians and Playmobile but we also stock bicycles, helmets, skateboards and jigsaw puzzles, games and in the summer we have wetsuits, bodyboards and buckets, spades and everything you need for a fun day out or on the beach.”

Julia bought the shop from the previous owners, Mr. and Mrs. Larcombe, back in 1999 and has enjoyed the challenge of running an independent retail business ever since.

She said: "Retail always has its challenges, but that's what makes every day exciting,"

Julia added the secret was: "employing great staff and appreciating them and the customers too."

Commenting on the wider picture she said: “I think Kingsbridge is special because it has so many independent shops and so many are run by their owners and a small, dedicated staff that really know their product, know how to advise customers what to buy and to be helpful to them.

“I think that shows that we love being in retail and in business providing great service and products to all our customers.

Finally as far as the next 25 years Julia said: “I’ve got no plans to change what I’m doing, running the shop with my great team, my children are still young and at school.

I like it so much so I‘m going to carry on doing what I’m doing.”