Ian Waterside, of Highfield Drive, Kingsbridge, writes:

So the fossils at the South Hams Society want our lovely area to be a national park? Do they realise what this means?

Do they realise we would be ruled over by an equally faceless quango of government placemen.

A national park would bring tourists in ever greater numbers, clogging our summer streets. They will buy local homes at ever inflated prices then leave them empty for 10 months of the year. Dont take my word for it, ask those who live in Ambleside, Brecon, or Llanberis.

The bored and semi-retired need to go and find something useful to do instead of coming up with this kind of nonsense.

Perhaps finding out how we can provide sustainable sensibly priced housing for our young people for instance?

Now that is a society I could support.