I am not sure whether the proposal to merge South Hams District Council with West Devon Borough Counil is exactly legal.

It is not fair that they are only accepting comments via a laid out questionnaire that residents fill in on their computers.

There was not enough room to put all the comments you wished to make. Plus the fact I get really fed up with the way that everyone assumes that everyone has a computer and therefore there are a large number of residents who will not be able to express their views on the proposal.

When will the powers-to-be learn that “big is not beautiful”?

Instead of merging to make one huge impersonal authority, the council should go smaller.

I long for the time when we had Kingsbridge Rural Council.

When we moved down here in 1964 to a four-bedroomed, three reception house in Kingston, our rates were £80 (yes, £80) a year and that included the water rates!

Thanks to Tony Blair and his “reign” our council taxes escalated to the vast proportions they are now. It is high time that council tax was charged on one’s income and not on the value of your property.

How can it be expected that councillors in West Devon know anything about our small villages and towns in South Hams, let alone be really interested in our patch?

SHDC councillors are getting too big for their boots and are getting (or have already got) power hungry.

The councils should be fair and hold a referendum on the proposed merger/

That would be a far more democratic and would give every resident the chance to say no.

Mrs P Trundle

Parker Road, Bigbury-on-Sea