Reading G Fitzgerald’s letter in Gazette, August 10, leaves me unsure of the right approach in responding.

Do I thank him for bringing the East Portlemouth development to my attention?

Many Nimby denigrators would say it’s not my affair, as it is not in mine.

Is the Gazette to be thanked for enabling a wide range of views and genuinely serious comment along with local government, event and historical record to be aired?

It does allow sitting politicians to ’contribute’ regular photo opportunities or blatantly political statements.

Neil Harper MP informed us, also on August 10, that our beef will soon be exported to China – no doubt instead of EU – and free movement as a bonus?

Having seen South Hams District Council’s development management committee, as referred to in the above letter, in action, I also urge the Gazette to take its role of holding councillors to account seriously because times will only get tougher when the Government has councils at district and county level happy to ignore the wishes of parish and town councils.

And do I look forward to reading Cllr Julian Brazil’s response?

Having seen, over the years, so many small, sustainable, developments become blots on the landscape, yes I do.

Michael Holliday

Pinwill Crescent, Ermington