A man helped his wife deliver their baby at home when neither their midwife or an ambulance could get to them in time.

Rob Fisher-Greene, who called the experience of delivering his own baby “terrifying”, was forced to step up after his wife Jackie Fisher-Greene went into labour on Wednesday, January 9.

Jackie said: “We were walking in Long Timber Woods when I went into labour. We raced home and called the midwife but no one could get here, not the midwife or the paramedics.

“Rob was fantastic, he said he was panicking but I didn’t notice.”

Rob helped Jackie give birth to a healthy baby girl, Elsie, who was born at 1.25pm weighing 7lb 14oz, at their home in Wotter, near Ivybridge.

Rob, who works for Doherty and Greene Plumbing and Heating, said the experience was “terrifying” and something he “wouldn’t want to do again”. He said: “It was surreal, it was all a bit of a shock and a bit crazy, but I managed to keep my cool.

“Elsie is doing well and everyone is healthy”.

The couple were due for a home birth for Elsie, their third baby, but didn’t expect to go through the whole experience on their own.

“My second labour was very quick”, explained Jackie, “and this time it was only one-and-a-half hours. About 10 or 15 minuted after she was born, everyone turned up at once, two paramedics, two midwifes, they were like busses.

“The home birth midwife cut the cord and delivered the placenta.”

This isn’t the first time the birth of her children has been a little bit dramatic, with her waters previously breaking in the salon where she was working.