PRICKLES in a Pickle is looking for more “hedgehog hero” volunteers to help nurse their wounded animals back to health.

The Stoke Fleming charity said they are constantly busy, with around 100 hedgehogs in their care at any one time.

Trustee Janice Jeffery said: “We take in injured and sick hedgehogs and nurse them back to full health before releasing them back into hedgehog friendly environments.

“This year we’ve had many babies in from disturbed nests and, despite their undeniable cuteness, this is still sad to see.”

Janice said they’re looking for “caring fun-loving people” who have a few hours a week to volunteer across various hedgehog rehabilitation roles. Volunteer hours can usually be made to fit volunteer availability.

She added: “Many of our volunteers come once a week, but some just come when they can, which is just as gratefully received. We are a very happy team and a really diverse group, all with the love of hedgehogs and wildlife as our common ground.

“If you are interested and would, at this stage, just like more details, please feel free to call Judy Oliphant, the the head of the charity, for more details. We can arrange for you to visit us and meet our prickly patients or have a trial session.

“Volunteering can have many benefits to you, including making new friends, a great feeling of giving back to the wildlife, and feeling valued. Give it a go – you could be our next “hedgehog hero”.

For more information call Judy on 07891 657104.