Get chick lit for egg-hatching

Thursday 13th April 2017 11:54 am

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Egg-hatching projects are becoming increasingly popular with teachers and primary school pupils as a classroom activity. Unfortunately, often little consideration is given to the chicks or ducklings once they are hatched.

It is very difficult to provide optimal conditions in a classroom incubator and, as a result, the chicks may be sickly, dehydrated and poorly developed when they hatch.

Chick organs often stick to the sides of the shell as a result of the eggs not being turned properly.

Animal Aid is being contacted by parents and teachers repeatedly concerned about the fate of the birds once the school has ­finished with them. Some teachers have reported that birds have been born with deformities and needed veterinary attention.

Animal Aid has worked alongside a number of sanctuaries in the UK and consulted with the RSPCA and the British Hen Welfare Trust to produce a fact sheet highlighting certain issues that schools should be aware of before embarking on these projects.

To download or order a fact sheet, visit: www.animalaid.

Karin Reynolds,

education service co-ordinator,

Animal Aid,


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