A group of volunteers from Stoke Gabriel have been delivering a fleet of much-needed ambulances and utility vehicles to Ukraine.

They convened at The Cott Inn for a special charity lunch before setting off on Wednesday May 22.

Ukrainian Action is a volunteer-run, US non-profit and UK charity dedicated to supporting the survival and recovery of Ukraine.

They regularly drive and donate vehicles filled with humanitarian and medical supplies to the country, and support local reconstruction and healthcare projects.

Ukrainian Action, founded by American Jeff Hartman, has transported over 200 vehicles filled with humanitarian aid from London to Ukraine since February 2022.

The initiative, crowd-funded and supported by corporations, assists displaced children, medical units, and veterans, while promoting sustainable post-war reconstruction.

They organise volunteers to drive every two weeks from the UK to Poland.

Their volunteer teams in Poland and Ukraine then deliver the vehicles and aid to their beneficiaries.