A new scheme is providing free condoms to young people across Devon.

13 to 24 year olds, registered with a GP in Devon, will be able to access the service and claim free condoms, dams and lube.

Last year, there was a 32% increase in new STI diagnoses among those under the age of 25 in Devon. Rising rates of sexually transmitted infections in young people living in the South-West and wearing a condom to protect yourself and your partner, is the message NHS Devon want to give its residents. It is hoped that the new service will play a crucial role in tackling this trend, helping to reduce onward transmission of STIs.

Through the new service, condoms and safer sex products will be provided to Devon and Torbay residents aged 16-24 through online ordering with postal delivery and collection points. The focus will be on sexually active young people 16-24, and young people aged 13-16 most at risk of poor sexual outcomes.

As part of this provider change, all existing registered C-Card holders will need to re-register for the new service. 

The scheme also provides information and advice about all aspects of relationships, sex and sexuality.

The service is run by Preventx, the UK’s largest sexual health testing service, and The Eddystone Trust, a local sexual health and HIV charity. Preventx will run the remote ordering process for the service, and Eddystone will coordinate with distribution sites, and provide safeguarding oversight for the service.

To get free condoms, dams and lube, visit their website, doink.sh.uk/devon