Food question is eating me up

Thursday 28th June 2018 1:17 pm

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I have been feeding two hedgehogs for around a year, with food put out each night at 10pm – biscuits and water – and it is all gone by the next morning.

Then, one day, the little food tray was moved to the middle of my lawn and the hedgehogs were not seen for around a week.

I decided to watch one evening: at 11.15pm a badger was seen eating the food. It left fairly quickly after having ­broken a section of my fence.

Hedgehog prickles have since been found in the flower bed – bodies presumably eaten.

Yes, I would like to protect hedgehogs, but badgers are protected too, and I presume continue to eat all they can find.

I haven’t seen any hedgehogs for three weeks; a new fence panel is being made; and no food is being left out at the moment.

To feed or not to feed? That is my question.

AJ Thomas,

Cumber Close, Malborough

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