THE UK Independence Party parliamentary candidate for South West Devon was chosen at a well-attended hustings.

Devon county councillor Robin Julian was chosen to represent the party at the event on Friday, October 31.

Mr Julian, a businessman and farmer, lives in Bideford, but spends five to six days a week in the constituency through work. He has also developed a heavy goods vehicle training company in Plymouth.

Mr Julian said: 'I spend a lot of time within the constituency and I'm aware of the deprivation around there. I run a training centre in Plymouth and do a lot to get people jobs. These zero-hour contracts need to be abolished. People just can't adjust their lives – they don't know when they're going to earn their money. It's ­ridiculous to suppress the people like this.

'The South West needs a voice – if we don't draw industry down here, we'll be neglected and become isolated.'

David Salmon, UKIP party chairman for Plymouth and South West Devon, said: 'With his background of business and farming he covers the spectrum of South Hams life, with experience in both the rural and urban sectors.

'One of his main aims is to promote services for both the youth and those more advanced in age within the South Hams area.

'Having saved front-line services in the past for youth and children's centres, a local library and teenage clubs for sea cadets, plus cricket, football and boxing societies, he wants to bring this enthusiasm to bear on South Hams to ensure all residents are given the best public services possible. He is determined to bring industry back to the South West to boost employment.

'Robin wants to help the transport industry by abolishing the Driver CPC 35-hour periodic training.

'This was introduced by the EU as a back-door tax and has cost the transport industry millions of pounds.

'Farmers will also get some much-needed help by getting back fair prices on meat and milk.

'Robin also wants to fight for a better rail network for the South West.'

Mr Julian said: 'This new EU law is costing the transport industry millions of pounds. Other EU countries have an extension – it's unfair and I feel it's one-sided all of the time.

'We need to get

out of this European Union nightmare; not Europe – I like Europe. I don't want the two to get mixed up. We need to be on a level playing field.

'We also need to keep the NHS together – it's the best in the world and we need to stop it from falling to pieces.

'I'm there to win and we're going to fight to win.'