Pastel lemon suit jacket with sleeves pulled up? Check.

Ray-Bans on? Check.

Mullet to shoulder length? Check.

Well, that sartorial checklist could only mean one thing - I was headed incognito on a time warp back to the decade that just won’t die.

Of course the trip was courtesy of the annual Eighties-fest that is Let’s Rock,  which took place in all it’s neon and gaudy glory in the grounds of Powderham Castle last Saturday.

Now, in its centuries of existence the castle has witnessed many events. 

However, the weekend’s onslaught of giant Pac-Men, Smurfs, wrestling dinosaurs,  dancing giraffes and even the Jamaican bobsleigh team, may well have had the stately pile shuddering to its ancient foundations.

Dressing up (or down - depending on your view) is very much de rigueur for these gigs. It adds to the ambience and helps the audience feel they’re back at one with the decade and the artistes.

Fortunately said artistes have toned down their wardrobe now - sharp suits and comfy casual are now the order of the day.

The eighties managed to squeeze in all manner of musical styles  - and 10 hours of one day festival is a tall order, but it was managed.

Some eighties bands are a bit like Trigger’s broom nowadays, the name’s still there but the line-up has changed. Not that this disappointed the fans who were happy to lap up every musical memory be it from Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s still-playing sole survivor Neal X or Brother Beyond’s Nathan Moore.

Sinitta proved she was certainly not that macho after an unscheduled wardrobe mishap. Fortunately event host Dave Benson Philips was on hand as  the gallant knight with a quick cover-up to spare her blushes - even if it meant we got a full frontal of Dave in the process.

Consummate professionals that they are,  Midge Ure and Tony Hadley knew how to work  the  crowd, giving them exactly what they wanted, and electro icons OMD had the audience, and even themselves, wanting  more after a jaw-droppingly good set. 

However, they had to yield to time pressure and make way for the synth pop duo Soft Cell as Marc Almond and Dave Ball were waiting in the wings to close the show - a good example  of saying hello then waving goodbye in their case.