Sixty students from Ivybridge Community College gave a brilliant performance in the London Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Students performed alongside one of Britain’s Got Talent winnners, Tokio Myers, on Saturday, March 24.

Having travelled to London the evening before and stayed at Illford they were able to get straight on with training the next morning, practising at the stadium’s training ground with other dancers. The talented dancers, including gymnasts and students studying for their GCSE and A levels, as well as students from the Dance Academy, worked hard to get everything just right.

The pre-show entertainment for the crowd, at the match between Harlequins vs Saracens, kicked off with the dancers and their stunning ten minute performance. The huge event was organised by the by the Pro Excel Dance Mass Movement Company.

The talented students had spent many weeks working really hard with a rigorous rehersal programme that included dance workshops. Students were given the opportunity to work with thirty-four schools from across the country with around two thousand students.

Helen Reddy, head of performing arts at the college, explained that many of the students had never been to the stadium previously and that they were, understandibly, really very nervous with such a large crowd but that the opportunity had been too goood to miss.

The performance had been set to three diverse pieces of music, including to a piece performed by Tokio Myers. Ms Reddy told us "to see two thousand students performing the same well-practiced moves is quite a sight and something they will never forget."