Michael Richards, of Raleigh Road, Salcombe, writes:

So the Crofts Fields in Salcombe are on the development agenda again.

As town councillor Mike Fice said: ‘The site was designated as a development site, but the town rejected it in favour of the Bonfire Hill site.’

I make this appeal to the people of Salcombe: if you agree with me, that our diminishing Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty green spaces are precious and must be preserved, then send a loud, unreserved message to all those involved – no development on the Crofts.

The would-be developers, RLT Architects and Eden Design, talk of ‘an opportunity to enhance the landscape and ecology of the area’.

Don’t make me laugh. The only thing getting enhanced would be their bank accounts.

Please, let’s keep the Crofts natural, unspoilt and a pleasure to look at and walk through.