The South Hams’ newest councillor was rescued from lanes near Hendham this week, while campaigning for the upcoming county elections on Thursday, May 4.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Elizabeth Huntley, who won the Charterlands by-election in February, is standing for the county council elections as a candidate in the Salcombe division.

Cllr Huntley was nearing the end of an eleven-hour leaflet dropping marathon in Kingston, Loddiswell and Woodleigh. She was close to calling it a night when, with a final visit to Hendham, between Woodleigh and Preston.

Turning sharp left on her way to Preston, she jammed her car between the step at the back and the wall in front, completely blocking the lane.

Fortunately, Cllr Huntley was rescued by a trio of young farmers - brothers Jonathan and Jeff Merrin and their friend Ed Hewlett.

They managed to lift the car with a tractor and set it down safely back on the lane, much to the alarm of Max the dog, who had been snoozing gently in the boot.

Cllr Huntley said: “Imagine their surprise to have not only rescued a damsel in distress but a district councillor and maybe their new county councillor.

“What an introduction!”