Dr Mike Hopkins, of Coppers Corner, Modbury, writes: Mr Roseveare is disingenuous in his defence of the eight-year 'planning process' in Modbury. The council's Local Plan in 1996 stated that 'in the longer term, the council considers that the land to the east of Brownston Street is the only area that can be developed without serious detriment to the character of the town'. In the past eight years there has been a consistent effort by the council to change the focus to the green fields to the west. Although done in the name of affordable housing and the development of Modbury, it has been done undemocratically. The first move was a questionnaire on where residents would like future housing. Most felt this was biased; and although the majority was against any development, less than one in 10 wanted it on the scale now proposed. However, the council has felt justified in pursuing the western out-of-town option since. In 2009 Mark Lawrence knocked on my door and said that Fuse Architecture had plans to build 50 houses on the present proposed site; that it was a done deal and the best I could do would be to negotiate over changes to my boundaries. This shows cooperation long before consulting the electorate. An impromptu group petitioned the town and got 650 signatures against the then proposal. Ever since, when the public have had a chance to show their opinion, they have been against the development. Modbury First was formed to 'try to prevent the building of estates on the green fields around Modbury'. However, perhaps because of misinformation in the STA matrix – a ­comparison of available sites – and misinformation given to the Prince's Trust, the inspector passed plans for the site, but without access. He was sceptical about access being achieved. Not only does the Parish Council support this development, but it actually asked South Hams Council for another 50 houses in the next phase. There have been meetings for residents to give their views on the proposed development, but the question 'do you want it?' was never asked. At an ill-­tempered parish meeting this week both sides tried to show superiority in numbers. No one was checking where the ­supporters lived or their connection with any land that might be purchased. Many of the younger present seemed unaware of the limitations of affordable housing. If the council can canvas the town on where to build, surely it can do the same on whether this development is wanted?