SOME early morning and early evening bus services which run between Kingswear and Brixham on Stagecoach’s Route 18 are being cut because they are no longer commercially viable but the bus company confirmed this week that it won’t be closing the route.

A Stagecoach Spokesperson said: ‘‘Service 18 operates on an entirely commercial basis and therefore does not receive any financial support from the local transport authority.

‘‘To ensure the service remains commercially viable during a period of ever increasing costs, we have reviewed the demand for Service 18 and identified a small number of morning and early evening journeys, which are no longer commercially viable.

‘‘As a result, a small number of journeys will be withdrawn from the timetable from May 28 2023, however, an hourly service will continue to operate throughout most of the day Monday to Saturday, as well as a limited timetable on Sunday and Public Holidays.’’

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