Katie Reville, of Boringdon Park, Woodlands, Ivybridge, writes: I would like to give a ­heartfelt thanks to the 1,296 people of Ivybridge who voted for me in the district elections on May 7. Whether the vote was a ­personal one, for the Green Party or given simply because there wasn't much choice, I really appreciate the support. Unfortunately I was 268 votes short of getting elected, but I am proud of our campaign and know that we gave the other candidates a run for their money. Now that the elections are over and our attention turns elsewhere, I urge local people to continue to take an interest in local politics, to find out who is representing you and the decisions they are making on your behalf. If you are disappointed that not all parties were represented on the ballot paper where you live, find out why. They will probably welcome your ­support, and who knows, you could be on the ballot paper in the future. Politics is not something that 'happens to us' every few years, it affects our daily lives. From the amount of tax we pay, the number of police officers on the street and the type of ­developments we get to the curriculum our children are taught, politics influences all of these things. We need to remain engaged and to hold those who have been elected to account. Although I am no longer an Ivybridge town councillor, I will remain an active member of the Ivybridge community and will keep promoting the ethos of the Green Party. Thanks again.

Josh Gardner, Conservative South Hams Council candidate for Stokenham, of Kernborough, near Kingsbridge, writes: I would like to thank everywho supported and voted for me. It was a fantastic result for the Conservatives nationally and locally. Even though I ­didn't get elected this time I will continue my role on Stokenham Parish Council and will carry out the promises I state in my electoral address. I hope I can count on your continued support and in return I will continually support our community, so if you would like any help with local issues feel free to contact me.