A chance meeting at a fundraising cake stall in Cornwood Square, last September, between Rob (newly moved into Corntown and Jo (a long-time resident of Torr) led to a call going out to the residents of Cornwood and Lutton, to register any interest in the possible formation of a local Art Group. Those interested were invited to attend an informal meeting in the Cornwood Inn on 13th December and following that initial meeting, an inaugural group get together was arranged in January. About 20 people - of varying abilities and experiences - who share an interest in creating Art, turned up in the Village Hall on the night and enjoyed an informal evening in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Initially, two more such evenings have been earmarked – Wed.22nd Feb is the next one; they will run from 7 – 9pm and the charge will be £2 each time, to cover the cost of hiring the Hall. These monthly meetings will follow a similar format, with two options for participation– a guided session or alternatively, an opportunity to work on personal projects.

If the first session is any indicator of interest, it would appear that this idea has legs and promises to flourish; if so, those attending will be asked to pay an annual membership of £20 (to cover the year April ’23 – March ’24); any surplus will be used to buy art materials for the group. Going forward, it has been suggested that there could be opportunities to work outside, walking and sketching sessions, artists’ demonstrations – in fact, a variety of activities to inspire works of art.

The pupils of the Moorsway Federation (which includes Cornwood School) were certainly inspired when they took part in the NSPCC’s fundraising Number Day on Friday 3rd Feb. It took the form of three special activities; firstly, the children were invited to bake number/maths inspired cakes at home to be taken into School to be judged; secondly, they were given the opportunity to attend School wearing number/maths inspired mufti (for £1 donation) and thirdly, all pupils took part in some fun number activities, throughout the day, which involved using their maths skills to solve problems. It was a great success with some inspired cakes (sold after judging) and costumes; a fun way to raise money for this child-centred charity.

After a whole school day out at Paignton Zoo last Friday, Cornwood school children are now on half-term holiday; they return to class on Monday and next Wednesday, mufti of a very different kind may be worn by some pupils, as any who are members of Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers or Cubs have been invited to wear their uniforms to School on that day, to mark Founders and Thinking Day. Each year, on this date, the Scouting and Guiding Movement celebrates the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell (b.1857, the founder of the Scouts) and his wife (b. 1889, the first Girl Guide); the Scouts call it Founders Day and the Guides Thinking Day. It is hoped that many will take this opportunity to proudly wear their special uniforms on that day.