To celebrate National Gardening Week which continues until Sunday (May 12), Dartmouth Town Council wants to highlight its green spaces including the Community Orchard.

This haven is only a short walk from Dartmouth Town Centre, a 3.5 acre space that is a beautiful place for picnics, walking the dog or just a quiet moment.

You can even pick some of the apples from the trees when the season is right, although they encourage people to always leave enough for others as well.

At the moment the blossom is out on the apple trees and the wild flowers are in full bloom.

The theme for National Gardening Week in 2024 is ‘Knowledge is Flower.’ All week, experts at the RHS are on hand myth-busting, debunking and demystifying the wonderful world of gardening.

From how to avoid common pitfalls with your plants, to dig or not to dig, fertilise or not fertilise and whether vinegar makes good weedkiller.