Blackawton Primary School welcomed local children's author Jennifer Davy for a storytelling event.

Jennifer, author of 'Chloe and The Bright Idea,' which will be published next month, visited pupils to talk about her new book, the first in the 'Chloe Tales' series which follows the adventures of Chloe and Humphry.

‘Chloe and Humphry need some fresh air, so they decide to go for a walk to the beach. The winds and wild weather mean they do get plenty of fresh air - and much more besides. The lovely labradoodle ends up helping Sir Humphry Davy, the world-famous scientist, to invent the Miner's Safety Lamp.’

Liam Fielding, Headteacher at Blackawton Primary School said: "Jennifer’s passion for the subject and her ability to bring history to life left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. The way she connected the significance of miners' lamps to broader themes of perseverance and innovation was truly inspiring."

He added: “The pupils gained a deeper appreciation for this important piece of history, and many have expressed a newfound interest in learning more about the lives of miners and the challenges they faced. The school hopes to welcome Jennifer back again in the future.

“I am so grateful to Jennifer for taking the time to come and see the children.  Her presentation was incredibly engaging and it was a delight to see our pupils captivated by the history and stories she shared.”

“Chloe and the Bright Idea will undoubtedly become a cherished resource in our library, sparking curiosity and discussion for years to come.”