A heritage ship was rescued offthe mouth of the River Dart on Saturday thanks to an eagle-eyedNational Coastwatch Institution (NCI) volunteer.

Philspotted the classic Brixham trawler, Pilgrim in difficulties with hermast and potential steering, south of the NCI lookout at FrowardPoint and the cardinal buoys.

Healerted Falmouth Coastguard which in turn tasked Dartmouth Lifeboatto assist and escort the stricken vessel into the Dart.

Thecrew were scrambled and launched the lifeboat, but Pilgrim managed tomake her own way into the safety of the harbour.

ADartmouth Lifeboat spokesperson said: “The Easter bank holidayweekend had only just started when the pagers went off.

“Atall ship just outside the mouth of the River Dart had an issue withits mizzen mast, that might have put the crew and young visitors indanger.

“TheDart B-Class was launched to stand off as she made her way back tothe safety of the town jetty.

“Inthe end no assistance was required. Well done to the Dart crew whoscrambled in record time to assist.”

TheNCI thanked its volunteer. A spokesperson said: “Well done Phil onbeing that important visual link reporting back to FalmouthCoastguard until help was on hand.”