The organisers of Kingsbridge Show are inviting schools and children’s groups to build a scarecrow to be proudly exhibited at the event on September 7.

There will be prizes awarded for Most Seaworthy and Best Recycled Scarecrow.

Schools and clubs may enter up to two scarecrows which should be free standing or made so they can be attached to a fence post.

They must be a maximum of two metres tall and one metre wide.

Farmers used the first recorded scarecrows in ancient Egypt to protect their crops from flocks of quail.

Farmers often made scarecrows out of tunics and nets hung on reeds during this time.

Soon, the practice would spread.

The ancient Greeks began putting wooden statues of gods in their fields to frighten birds away from their crops.

And as they often did, the Romans followed suit, using statues of their gods in their fields.

Entries must be submitted to [email protected]