Dartington Trust, which owns Dartington Hall Estate, has conducted an extensive review of its future due to financial concerns. A spokesperson said challenges, caused by Covid, rising living costs, and ‘an ambitious agenda’, have called for a more sustainable approach.

Chair of Trustees Lord David Triesman, and interim CEO Robert Fedder, are leading the review.

Robert said: “The pressing question has always been the preservation and sustainability of Dartington. While the path forward may demand significant transformation – a shift welcomed by some and challenging for others – our commitment remains unyielding. Dartington’s invaluable contributions to the community cannot be overshadowed by loss-making ventures.”

The spokesperson said details are still being worked out and, instead of closures, they’re looking at imporoving partnerships, services and businesses and introducing flexible working.

Robert added, “Our priority is ensuring the best for the Dartington team during this phase. While change is inevitable, we’re dedicated to collaborating with esteemed partners to enhance our existing offerings and introduce innovative new ones. Our determination to see Dartington thrive is unwavering, and we’re committed to ensuring its success.”

Supporters of Dartington are encouraged to become members to help preserve the estate, and to lease office or studio spaces from [email protected]