The Great South West, the Pan-Regional Partnership representing Devon, Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, Dorset and Somerset, will be leading a delegation of senior business and political leaders to make the case for the region at The UK’s Real Estate Investment & Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF).

It’s a private-public sector partnership committed to driving investment, delivering major projects, developing a test bed for new ideas and ensuring understanding by the Government.

UKREiiF is the largest investment and development event in the UK, set to take place between May 21-23 in Leeds.

An exciting programme of events, panel sessions and meetings at the Great South West Pavilion will provide insights into the region’s critical role in delivering the UK’s future security through its leading energy, defence, food, farming and technology sectors, and how investors can benefit.

The programme will showcase the region’s nationally strategic investment opportunities, including Plymouth & South Devon Freeport.

The freeport will include sites at Sherford and Langage in the South Hams.

Set piece events throughout the three days will feature industry leaders and experts from across the region and nationally. George Freeman MP, former Science Minister, will also be joining a panel on the region’s world-class science base, with opening remarks from Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Darren Jones.

Ahmed Goga, Director of the Great South West, said: “UKREiiF presents a fantastic opportunity for Great South West to showcase the unparalleled investment potential of our region, and why we are critical to the future success of the UK economy.

Our presence at UKREiiF will showcase the innovative projects that drive sustainable growth and showcase the capabilities of the South West on the national stage, driving investment into our region."

Richard May, CEO, Plymouth and South Devon Freeport said: "Plymouth and South Devon Freeport are proud to be supporting the Great South West at UKREiiF.

Our partnership signifies a powerful alliance. Together we're unlocking the region's potential for investment and trade, providing a catalyst for innovation, and fostering economic growth across the South West.

The Pavilion at UKREiiF provides an opportunity to showcase our dynamic ecosystem and connect with partners who share our vision for a thriving future."