The Two Moors Way Association will host the third leg of their coast-to-coast walk tomorrow.

“Big Walk 3” encourages people to get active and enjoy the countryside, traveling along footpaths from Newbridge to Chagford.

Walkers will assemble at Chagford Primary School at 9am on Saturday, April 6.

Though the route covers 16 miles, there is no experience requirement.

Spokesman, Les, Bright, said: “Although many of those we are expecting to join us are members of ramblers groups around Devon, this is not a requirement and we will offer a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join us.

“But remember, you’ll need good footwear and a waterproof coat - no matter what weather is forecast.”

Walking is increasingly linked to improved mental well-being as well as physical health and the association provides opportunities for the community to benefit from this.

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