More than 80 people came together to enjoy an annual harvest supper.

The visitors, aged between less than a year and their late 90s, enjoyed the harvest celebration in the "beautifully-decorated" St George’s Church, Modbury.

The voices of Modbury Gospel Singers filled the church with entertainment at the start of the supper. Later in the evening the vicar, Matthew Rowland, lead an informative interview-style talk with Chris Murray from Pennywell Farm and there were activities for the children.

Rachel Taylor, St George’s Church, said: “Over the Harvest Festival weekend £600 was raised for the work of the Shekinah Mission in Plymouth and gifted produce was shared between the Salvation Army and the Shekinah Mission.

“Many thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the Supper and Harvest Service successful and enjoyable and to everyone who attended these events for their gifts and donations.”