EWEN SOUTHBY-TAILYOUR, of Lower Preston Farm, writes:

I am writing to people and organisations in the area about the possibility of a single wind turbine at Ley Green, part of Luson 'farm'. This 'draft proposal' is covered by the above South Hams District Council reference.

I quote from a paper produced for us in April 2013 by the Devon branch of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England: These planning applications offer over-generous subsidies. So much so that it can often make financial sense for a landowner to 'farm the subsidies' rather than to produce food. As a ten acre, solar panel array already exists on the same 'farm' this is precisely what is happening at Luson.

My aim is to alert as many as possible to this 295 foot, 90 metres, high turbine on the summit of Ley Green, GR SX 616 535 – west of Westlake, itself 479 feet, 146 metres, high: this will make the turbine's tip height 774 feet, 236 metres, above sea level.

With this 'height of eye', the turbine will have a theoretical visible horizon of precisely 39 statute miles, 63 kilometres. Of course the turbine will be seen further than that depending on the observer's own height of eye.

On the highest hill in the area and halfway between the A38 and the A379 this turbine will dominate the primary approach corridors to, and through, the South Hams as well as being visible on the skyline from the Plymouth to Exeter railway line.

It will also be sandwiched between an area of outstanding natural beauty and Dartmoor National Park. Despite being advised by the SHC to widen the scope of their consultation the developer, REG Windpower, has said that they will offer an exhibition on the project only to Ermington and no one else.

Yet the paradox is that although the residents of Ermington will see this turbine as they drive to and fro most are unlikely to be visually affected in their homes. What REG Windpower are saying is: The location of the public exhibition in Ermington has been selected for its proximity to the site.

The exhibition is open to all members of the public, regardless of their residency.

We currently have no plans to hold additional exhibitions at this stage, however, at the exhibition we will have a computer model which will show people an approximation of what the turbine will look like from their residence or a place of their choosing.