Peter Hayes, of Brookside, Newent, Gloucester, writes:

Has any town changed so ­little over three-quarters of a century as Dartmouth? I

ask this, perhaps rhetorically, after watching an old film on television.

The film Sons of the Sea was shot in 1939 and filmed largely on location in and around Dartmouth. The plot is risible and involves the alleged ­murder of the commanding officer at the college, where much of the action takes place. What is striking, however, is how many of the waterfront buildings still stand, albeit under different names.

In one particular scene, involving a car journey to Bayard’s Cove, filming could have taken place last week such is the similarity to the present day, while the vehicle ferry, apart from the motive power, could almost be the current one in use.

Let’s hope that, in 75 years, someone else can write a ­similar letter.