A police helicopter airlifted a woman to hospital after she was reported missing from Kingston.

Police received a 999 call on Monday, June 26, when a suicidal woman was reported as missing. The National Police Air Service helicopter was dispatched to assist in the search for her. The helicopter crew located her in a field, having attempted suicide.

The crew landed the helicopter and Kingsbridge police officers also attended the scene, where immediate and urgent medical assistance was given to the patient.

A representative for the police said: “It was decided that in the interests of the female she should be airlifted to hospital where she remains in a serious but stable condition.”

Another officer added: “There have been reports that the helicopter airlifted the patient because an ambulance could not attend, this is not true. "The helicopter was being used to search for her and is fully equipped to airlift casualties to hospital.

“Due to the remote location and the fact that the helicopter was already on scene, the decision was made to airlift the woman to hospital.”